Colony 13


Coworking facilities are provided at Jactin House by COLONY – a new premium coworking brand established in Manchester in 2016.

The new co-working community space is full of freelancers, creatives, digital nomads, start-ups, and entrepreneurs. A space where everyone exists together, where ideas pollinate and businesses flourish.

COLONY is not the traditional librarian approach to co–working – it’s a space to build, grow and co-exist.

Formerly a place to stay for local mill workers during the industrial revolution, the large co-working space is now home to a new breed of productive pioneers. This a space which enhances your working day with members having the freedom to move through the environment as they choose.

COLONY provides all the amenities any modern business requires and more, at an affordable all inclusive rate. This takes away the hassle and day-to-day tasks involved in running an office, so you have more time to focus on being productive.

Please see below and visit for more information.



  • Collaboratation Zones

    Multiple collaboration zones designed to keep the discussions rolling and the ideas flowing.

  • Focus Areas

    Varied spaces and seating to break away and focus the mind.

  • Generous Working Space

    Fully provisioned workstations with space to work and expand. Ultra-fast internet over Wi-Fi throughout.

  • Sociable Kitchen

    Co—working powered by unlimited tea & coffee, soft drinks, fresh fruit and chatter, all at no extra cost.

  • Private Phone Booths

    Acoustically treated phone booths for you to make those important phone calls.

  • Screening & Meeting Room

    Immersive screening room sunken into the original store house of the mill, now a suite for multimedia presentations and showcasing.